Ectopic pregnancy

Developing pregnancies outside the womb are described as ectopic pregnancies. They are relatively rare and occur at a rate of 1%-2% of all pregnancies. The most common location of ectopic pregnancy is in the fallopian tube, but they can also occur anywhere in the pelvis. Risk factors are a history of pelvic inflammation or infertility and the increased maternal age. Women who have had an ectopic pregnancy in the past are at increased risk of developing another ectopic pregnancy.

Ultrasound is the only method that can provide a reliable diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy before surgery. Gynecological Ultrasound Centre specializes in diagnosing ectopic pregnancy with ultrasound. As an ectopic pregnancy can sometimes lead to severe internal bleeding, a valid and accurate diagnosis helps to avoid delays when emergency surgery in needed. In most cases of ectopic pregnancy, women suffer from mild symptoms and surgery is not required urgently. An ultrasound scanning helps identify ectopic pregnancies that are likely to be resolved naturally.
Gynecological Ultrasound Centre offers a diagnostic approach that helps more than one third of women with an ectopic pregnancy to heal without the need of surgery or medical treatment. We also diagnose rare and unusual forms of ectopic pregnancy such as cervical, medial and intra-abdominal pregnancy and we particularly specialize in the diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy in the Caesarean Section.